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Naarz Organic Bamboo Baby Wrap

Naarz Organic Bamboo Baby Wrap

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  • Simple instructions and just one size make this wrap your GO-TO BABY CARRIER for the first three months of parenthood <3 It was the first of its kind and the simplicity of the idea has kept moms and babies together for 10 years.
  • Stretchy and SOFT, machine washable fabric that will keep your baby close. So much easier to clean than a stroller or carseat! You can machine wash and dry this wrap, making life just a little easier for new moms.
  • ERGONOMIC seat for baby, ergonomic weight distribution for mom and dad! Each time you tie the wrap, you create a CUSTOM seat for your baby. Knee to knee support every time!
  • VERY EASY to tie and easy to breastfeed in. It even acts as a privacy shield for nursing moms because you can nurse while wearing it, without taking your baby out of the wrap.
  • Bond with your little one while getting back into the swing of things: you'll be able to tie this once and then wear it out and about. 95% Cotton, the Spandex in our wrap allows it to retain its shape and not loosen or sag as you re-adjust to nurse or take baby out to go for a ride in the car. the wrap stretches and supports you and your baby



  • Brand - Naarz
  • Dimension - 6 x 6 x 11.5 inches
  • Color - Gray
  • UPC - 860008527202
  • Material - Cotton

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